Are Apple Watches Worth The Hype?

Apple Watch is one of the most sought-after smartwatches today. have you wondered what has made the apple watch so popular? Well, if you are curious to find out, then you should read through this guide keenly. We would be looking at the features that are in the apple watch.

What is an Apple watch?

Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch that allows users to accomplish a variety of tasks, including making phone calls. It also integrates with iOS and other Apple products and services.

Which Apple Watch Is Right for You?

Apple sells three different Apple Watch models, but there are older models that you can pick up for cheap(er) from third-party sellers like Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 8

Series 8 is very similar to Series 7. It has the same look and feel, the same display, the same battery life, and costs the same amount. The main difference, other than a newer and faster processor, is that the Series 8 has a few more health and safety features. It has a new body temperature sensor that is really designed to help women track their cycles. And it has a new car crash detector feature that’s powered by upgraded sensors (specifically accelerometers and gyroscopes).

Apple Watch SE

The second-generation Apple Watch SE is very similar to its predecessor. They have the same look and feel and also most of the same features. The main difference with the new Apple Watch SE, other than having a newer processor and being available in new colors, is that Apple lowered the price. As for the made tradeoffs compared to the Series 8, the new SE still lacks the always-on display and many of the health and wellness features. There’s no cycle tracking or sleep tracking, for example.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Ultra is a brand-new Apple Watch. It’s the biggest, brightest, most rugged, most capable, longest-lasting, and most expensive Apple Watch that has ever been released. It’s a smartwatch that has been specifically designed for extreme athletes and adventurers — including recreational scuba divers — but it’s also an option for people who want the best smartwatch that Apple has to offer. Also, if they want a really big (49mm) display.

Apple Watch features


Apple has been pumping out watchOS updates with each new generation of Apple Watch, adding new features, new abilities, and new tracking technology.

The first Apple Watch was pretty bare bones in this regard, focusing on things like communication, doodles, and sharing stuff with other Apple Watch users.

Once Apple figured out what Apple Watch was for – fitness tracking and health – things progressed rapidly with each new generation. Myriad new features like SP02 sensors, ECG, and even menstrual cycle tracking were added, bulking out the Apple Watch’s capabilities.

Here’s a quick breakdown of watchOS’ key developments and updated features:

  • Heart rate (inc. on Apple Watch 1st gen)
  • Maximal aerobic capacity, AKA VO2 max (added in watchOS 4, enhanced in watchOS 7
  • Electrocardiogram, AKA EKG or ECG (added in watchOS 5.1.2)
  • Blood oxygen saturation, AKA SpO2 (added in watchOS 7)
  • Menstrual cycle status (added in watchOS 6)
  • Sleep duration & respiratory rate tracking (added in watchOS 7)

Within several years of its release, Apple Watch was the smartest smartwatch on the market. It also had market-leading health-tracking, its true USP, and the biggest potential ROI for Apple, and this is now where the bulk of Apple’s development focuses.

Watch Faces

In true Apple style, the Apple Watch can only run Watch Faces designed by Apple. Users have been crying out for the ability to run third-party Watch Faces on Apple Watch since the first model launched, but Apple has held fast to its position right up to the present day.

Not that this really matters; there are loads of perfectly designed, well-appointed Watch Faces available for Apple Watch with new designs landing with each new model and watchOS update. As for workarounds to this issue, there are a couple but they’re very involved and not for the faint-hearted.

Why does Apple lock down the Apple Watch’s Watch Faces? Two reasons:

  • It doesn’t want users using copyrighted images on the Apple Watch;
  • And by forcing users to use ONLY Watch Faces deemed suitable by Apple, it keeps control over the look and feel of the Apple Watch

It also allows Apple to do licensing deals with the likes of Disney and other content owners. Micky Mouse features in one of Apple’s Watch Faces, for instance. And you know Apple paid a pretty penny for that.


One area where Apple is completely open to third-party brands is the Apple Watch’s bands. You can buy literally thousands of different types of Apple Watch bands from a range of retailers.

The third-party Apple Watch band market is an industry in and of itself, generating billions of dollars of revenue every single year.

All third-party Apple Watch bands are based on Apple’s design, however, and use the same hook and slide mechanism to attach and secure the band in place. All Apple Watch models use the same band latches and size too.

You can get leather bands, metal bands, official Apple bands, and even its new Solo Band that stretch over the hand and do not require a fastener. Essentially, the Apple Watch band is the easiest and most inexpensive method for customizing the look of your Apple Watch.

Activity Monitoring

Since day one, Apple Watch has counted your steps. But as things progressed, new fitness-focused features and abilities were added. The heart-rate sensor and accelerometer track workout intensity and movement throughout the day and feed data into Apple Health, where it is viewable in granular detail as well as in Activity Rings.

Activity Rings are a useful, visual tool that lets you quickly see how much activity to have done in a single day. A complete Activity Ring means you have met your daily targets. Activity Rings can be shared with other users too. All of the data your Apple Watch collects, both fitness and health-related, feed into Apple’s extensive Health app which you can view on iPhone and iPad.

If you’re keen on keeping tabs on your heart rate, your overall health, and your daily steps, or you’re simply trying to move more and lose weight, an Apple Watch and Apple’s Health app are two brilliant allies. With them, you effectively remove any and all guesswork. And when you’re trying to lose weight and improve your fitness, data is key.

Force Touch

Force Touch on Apple Watch allowed the user to effectively press through the display to interact with Watch apps and contextual menus and settings. It was a nice feature but because of the nature of the Apple Watch’s display and its meager size Apple decided to kill off the feature inside watchOS 7.

Post 2020, no Apple Watch models feature Force Touch. Instead, you now use the Digital Crown and gestures to do everything.

Family Setup

Another core but often overlooked feature of the Apple Watch is Family Setup. What this feature does is simple but it is super useful if you have kids and you don’t want them using phones.

With Family Setup, you can effectively turn Apple Watch into a phone, allowing to it make and receive calls. You have full control over who has access to the Apple Watch, who can call it, and what numbers can be called from it. And it even has a Schooltime Mode which is basically a Do Not Disturb mode for school.

Beyond this, Family Setup allows parents to key track their children’s locations at all times, and track their activity levels, heart rates, and sleeping patterns. As I said, it’s a really cool feature of the Apple Watch that is all too often overlooked.

Family Setup is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and above and requires a cellular connection.

Apple Fitness+

Apple knows its products are only as good as the things you can do with them – meaning services – which is why Apple has been investing billions in supplementary services for its products during the past decade with things like Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+.

Apple Fitness+ isn’t an exclusive Apple Watch feature but it does work best with an Apple Watch because, with an Apple Watch, you can track all your most important health and fitness metrics.

Which Apple smartwatch is the best fitness tracker?

The Apple Watch Ultra has special features that make it the best fitness tracker for certain kinds of athletes and workouts. The action button on the side of the watch makes it easier to switch between the legs of a race or training if you’re in the middle of a multi-phase workout, for example. It also offers superior GPS for more accurate tracking while using the Apple Watch’s “Race Route” feature to create and follow a work routine.

That said, in terms of heart tracking and data collection, the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra feature the same sensors for tracking your heart rate and movement. If you’re looking for a watch to bring to the gym or track your outdoor runs, the Series 8 is probably the right call.

Is the stainless steel upgrade worth it?

In addition to the standard recycled aluminum body, you can pay extra for an Apple Watch Series 8 made from stainless steel. The Apple Watch Ultra features a highly durable titanium body. Both metals are tougher than aluminum and won’t scratch or dent as easily. Perhaps more importantly, however, both the stainless steel Series 8 and the Ultra come with an extra-hard sapphire crystal over the display.

Having worn both models extensively, I can say that the sapphire crystal upgrade clearly resists scratches and damage better than the Ion-X glass used in the standard Series 8 and SE 2 displays. We haven’t had any problems with scratches or breakage with the Ion-X glass, though, so it isn’t a huge concern if you’re not putting it in harm’s way regularly.

Flaws in Apple Watch

Although the capabilities and performance of third-party apps have improved dramatically since the original Apple Watch debuted, the usefulness of these apps varies widely. Apps designed for tracking workouts, sending messages, or streaming audio are great to have on your wrist. Social media apps and ride-hailing services? Not so much. The utility of an Apple Watch depends entirely on what you need it to do.

Simpler watches and fitness gadgets can last a few days on a charge, but the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE can’t. An Apple Watch easily survives for a day on a charge, but if you’re doing anything demanding—using LTE, navigating with Maps for an extended period, tracking a long workout—you may find your watch in Power Reserve mode by the end of the day. The Apple Watch Ultra is the exception, but its bigger battery will cost you.


In conclusion, apple watches are definitely one of the most popular smartwatches out there. embedded in them are intriguing features that always keep people interested in them. if you would want to purchase one, make sure you find out which one fits you best.


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